We are a family company with focus on production of aromatic plants and some medical plants.

Taking advantage of having native juniper plants in our land, also rosemary, basil, coriander, anise and other botanics, we decided to create Valkyria Gin and began to investigate for the right recipe. We want it nice and tasty and we made it!

Valkyria Gin is made of alcohol from mead (distilled mead) macerated with botanicals of our own production and others that we like to mix, to create a different flavor. We use pure melt water which gives a unique taste to our gin.

The distillery is located on the emblematic Ruta 40 in El Bolson a magic place where part of that magic goes with in every bottle we made.

Flower notes
Our juniper is similar to bulgarian juniper, imparts floral notes to the gin.
The harvest begins in mid-january.
They have a high differentiated flavor that makes them very special.
Intense bitter
Our juniper is a little bitter, citric and with sweet notes.
Natural aromatizer
Natural fragance for beverages and food.
Medicinal properties
Essential oil is extracted from these plants, but infusions of juniper berries are also used.
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