This authentic Patagonian product is produced with our own juniper plants (Juniperus Communis L). Harvest by hand and classified in the same way, it is distilled at the DRUIDA distillery owned by Rodrigo and Maximiliano Carbajal.

We use a 40% honey alcohol obtained of a mead distillation in a hybrid still pot (stainless steel boiler with a copper column. This pot has 4 rectifying plates, which further purifies the alcohol at the time of distillation.

For the manufacture of mead we use native honey from our Region, water and wild yeast fermentation which is made from a fungus called ‘LLAO LLAO’( Cyttarria harioti, is a fungus with the common name Llao Llao,Llaulla or Pan de Indio that parasites the trunks and branches of Nothofagus, a very common tree in Patagonia)

This mead is fermented for 4 weeks, then is filtered and undergoes a second fermentation. It is distilled a minimum temperature for 48 hours and filtered in Ñire charcoal (Nothofagus Antártica, a native deciduous tree of the Andean-Patagonian forest) which further purifies the alcohol.

The gin base is subjected to oxygenation for 48 hours and then hydrated in order to obtain a product with 44% ABV (88-proof alcohol)

The water used in our distillery is natural direct slope of the mountain rage and which does not undergo any chemical modification process, it is only ozonized for the purpose to make it drinkable.

Main ingredient

The juniper (Juniperus Communis) it´s a tree originally from Europe, North America and some places of Asia and belongs to the Cupressaceous family. Juniper berries has medical and gastronomic uses and are the raw material for Genever and Gin. The juniper we grow has similar characteristics to juniper from Bulgaria, imparting more floral notes in the gin.

The juniper is a dioecious plant which means that in their species these are males and females. Only females ones produces the juniper berries.

The regional weather brings to Patagonian Juniper, organoleptic and sensory characteristics of exceptional quality highly differentiated and it is appreciated by customers.


Natural mountain water, cereal tri distilled alcohol base and honey alcohol (distilled in a hybrid still pot (stainless steel boiler with a copper column) then filtered with vegetal charcoal.

We use 13 botanics:

Juniper berries, Coriander seeds, Angelica root, Cassia, Mandarin peels, Lemon peels, Jamaican pepper, Rosemary, Cardamom, Star Anise, and Fennel.

All ingredients are natural and most of them are produced in our land, which ensures that we do not use fungicides, herbicides or any other chemist, being a naturally agro-ecological crop. The labor force, service providers, input and equipment suppliers and product processors, whose work and knowledge is specific, are all from the area of origin.

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